Newspaper editor jailed for insulting Niger PM


A newspaper editor in Niger was sentenced to eight months in prison today after publishing remarks critical of Mr Hama Amadou, prime minister of the west African country.

Mr Abdoulaye Tiemogo, editor of the satirical weekly Le Canard Dechaine, was also fined more than one million CFA francs (1,500 euros) after being found guilty of defaming and insulting the prime minister.

Mr Tiemogo, who has been held under police guard since Tuesday, said he would appeal the verdict.

The latest issue of the paper - whose name is derived from that of the satirical French weekly Le Canard Enchaine- contained satirical articles that related to Mr Amadou's childhood and social origins to the country's current social and economic problems.

This is not Mr Tiemogo's first brush with the law. Between 2000 and 2001 he was tried four times on charges ranging from ethnic and regional prejudice to defaming ministers to insulting the prime minister.