Mystified Mattie left hacked and attacked


Fine Gael’s Tom Hayes emailed a message recently to hundreds of constituents in Tipperary South, inadvertently including details of his mailing list. It’s a common mistake.Subsequently, all the recipients got another message, this time purporting to come from Mattie McGrath.

“Hello Friend, I was able to get your email address from the email that Tom Hayes sent earlier on. He forgot to Blind Carbon Copy you (I haven’t – vote for me),” it says, before urging everyone to complain about Hayes to the Data Protection Commissioner and helpfully supplying a link.

It concludes: “Mattie is the man to get things done.

“Your faithful servant, Mattie.”

McGrath is mystified and Hayes is morto.

“I was hacked,” wails Mattie, adding for dramatic effect, “and I was attacked on the Rock of Cashel as well.”