Man scores with wrong answer


London - A quiz contestant won £125,000 on the popular television show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire last night - despite getting an answer wrong. Mr Tony Kennedy (29), from Blackpool, Lancashire, probably did not realise how lucky he was when he answered a question for £64,000 about tennis and actually gave the wrong answer.

The question asked: "Theoretically what is the minimum number of strokes with which a tennis player can win a set?". Mr Kennedy, and the computer, gave the answer as option B - 24 strokes. In fact the correct answer was option A, 12 strokes.

Carlton, which makes the popular quiz for ITV, conceded that option A was correct. A spokesman said: "Having reviewed tonight's question. . . we recognise that in a particular situation this can be done with 12."

Quiz show fan Robert Steadman, who was watching the show from his armchair at his home in Beeston Rylands, Nottingham, spotted the mistake. He explained: "A tennis player needs six games to win a set. Let's assume he serves aces for his three service games - four shots for three games which equals 12 strokes. "Now, if his opponent double faults all their serves - so losing love 40 - the player hasn't had to make any strokes."