Man killed and 70 injured in Naples


One person was killed and more than 70 were injured as fireworks set dozens of piles of rubbish alight as the Italian city of Naples rang in the new year.

The southern city and its hinterland are traditionally the most explosive area in Italy on New Year's Eve, and last night was no exception as people fired guns into the air and set off fireworks, many of the powerful illegal types.

Police said a man (39) died when he was hit in the back by a stray bullet fired into the air by someone on the balcony of an apartment block on the city's outskirts.

More than 70 others were injured, including a man (28) who was shot in the face - also by a stray bullet, and was in a serious condition. The others were injured by fireworks.

The city's garbage crisis aggravated the situation.

Fire fighters put out at least 140 blazing mounds of rubbish accidentally set alight by sparks from fireworks.

Tons of refuse have piled up on the streets over several months because dumps and incinerators are full and people in the suburbs have resisted plans for new ones near their homes.