Labour calls for deferral of pension levy


The Labour Party will table a motion calling on the Government to suspend the introduction of the pension levy and to re-enter negotiations with the social partners.

TDs are expected to debate the motion in the Dáil next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The party describes the pension levy as “unfair” as it places an “unacceptable burden” on public servants on modest incomes.

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said public servants are angry at the levy as it will be “imposed on all income and that it is structured in such a way that some workers will pay a greater proportion of their income than higher earning colleagues”.

He said public servants felt they are being singled out for levy when those who “contributed so much to the current economic crisis are being bailed out by the state.”

Mr Gilmore also called on the Government to re-enter negotiations with the social partners with a view to reaching agreement on a "fair and equitable set of proposals".