Jurys to up compensation


More than 40 "high-earners" in the Jurys Doyle hotel group who failed to apply for a redundancy package should have their current salaries red-circled and protected, according to the Labour Court.

The court also recommends that a €3,000 compensation offer to staff who are to stay on and accept new work conditions and rostering should be boosted to €5,000.

Under a restructuring of its operations the group will also eliminate the current service charge system.

Jurys Doyle began the process of restructuring its operation last February with the proposals involving a cut in jobs, new rates of pay, job descriptions and the elimination of fixed rosters.

Aspects of the changes had been referred to the Labour Relations Commission. When agreement could not be resolved at conciliation conferences, the issues were referred to the court.

In a written recommendation that has just become available, the court says about 280 staff opted to take the redundancy deal, with about 52 staff choosing to remain on - including approximately 41 "high earners".

At a hearing earlier this month, Siptu described the changes, to take effect from January 1st, as "immense". Apart from ongoing wage-cost savings, they would improve productivity and enhance competitiveness.

The union described the €3,000 compensation offer as a "pittance" in view of the level of co-operation and change being proposed. It wanted it increased to €10,000.

It said it was unreasonable of the company to refuse to protect the earnings of workers remaining on.

Jurys Doyle had rejected red-circling current rates of pay and conditions and instead offered a buy-out of the differences in the rates of pay.

The company said the restructuring was crucial if it was to continue as a successful operation into the future.

The court found it was not practicable to enforce a reduction in overall pay for those staying on. Because the number involved was relatively small it recommended consolidation and red-circling of the jobs.

The court suggested the redundancy offer should stay open until January 31st.