Judge accidentally shot in court


An outspoken judge found himself in the firing line after he was accidentally shot with an airgun during a private court case, it was revealed today.

Judge John Neilan, who serves on the bench in the midlands, was struck by a pellet from the pistol as a lawyer showed it to the court.

The judge laughed off the attack and carried on hearing the case.

It is understood a solicitor had been exhibiting the non-lethal kid’s toy when it was inadvertently discharged and a tiny pellet struck the judge.

The shooting occurred during an in-camera Family Law hearing in Longford District Court on Tuesday, and there were at least a half a dozen shocked witnesses including legal teams and court staff.

The Courts Service refused to comment insisting it was bound by the rules of family law which prevented it from discussing anything to do with the case.

Judge Neilan is one of the most outspoken and colourful judges sitting in Irish courts.