Jeb Bush rules out bid for vice-presidency


Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has ruled out any chance he will be the Republican Party’s vice-presidential nominee this year while suggesting that he might have missed his best chance to run for president.

In an interview yesterday with CBS’s This Morning programme, Mr Bush said he intended to support Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, and dismissed any possibility he would be his running mate.

“I’m not gonna do it and I’m not going to be asked and it’s not going to happen,” Mr Bush said.

An influential figure in the Republican Party, Mr Bush rejected calls from some party leaders during the campaign for him to seek the Republican presidential nomination.

When asked about his presidential aspirations, Mr Bush said: “This was probably my time. I think there is a window of opportunity in life for all sorts or reasons.

“Although I don’t know, given what I believe and how I believe it, I’m not sure I would have been successful as a candidate either.”

Mr Bush, brother of former president George W Bush and the son of former president George HW Bush, has publicly praised Florida senator Marco Rubio as a potential vice-presidential candidate.

Mr Romney, according to people advising his campaign, is assembling a list of Republicans he is considering as potential running mates. – (Reuters)