Stranded Jedward rescued by Coast Guard in Malahide

Twins were walking with their cousin when tide rose around them and darkness fell

John and Edward Grimes have urged the public to be careful around water after they found themselves stranded by the rising tide in north Dublin on Tuesday night. Photograph: Jag Gundu/Getty Images

Pop duo Jedward had to be rescued by the Coast Guard in the early hours of yesterday morning after they found themselves stranded on a sandbank in north Co Dublin.

John and Edward Grimes had been walking along the sand with their cousin near Donabate beach on Tuesday evening when the tide came in around them.

The twins’ mother called the Coast Guard concerned for their safety around 11pm, reporting that they had become disoriented as darkness fell and were worried about how quickly the tide was rising.

A team from the Skerries Coast Guard unit were sent to the scene, while the Coast Guard helicopter illuminated the area in an effort to locate the boys.


They were spotted a short time later close to the Malahide estuary. Several members of the Coast Guard team waded into the water to escort them to safety around 1am.

Thanking the Coast Guard for the rescue yesterday, the twins said they were shocked at how quickly they had become stranded and urged people to be wary of the sea.