Q&A: When will I get my new digital Covid cert and how will it work?

Those with boosters will receive updated certificates via email in coming days

I've got the booster shot, how do I access my new digital covid cert?
Those who have received a booster shot will be issued with an updated digital covid cert via email over the coming days. The Government has said the issuing of these certs will take a number of days and has advised eligible people to keep an eye on their email.

If any eligible person has not received their updated certificate by next Thursday, they can use the online self-service portal at gov.ie.

Minister of State for Public Procurement and eGovernment Ossian Smyth has also said that if for some reason a person does not have an email address, they will receive a text message by phone with step-by-step instructions on how to access the cert.

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How do I upload this new cert to my Covid tracker app?
The updated certificate contains a QR code and can be stored on the Covid tracker app, replacing the old cert. However, the lack of instructions around how to upload this new QR code to the app in the email being sent out by the Department of Health has caused confusion among some members of the public.


The HSE has advised users to open the Covid tracker, tap to view their certificate, tap on the EU Covid certificate detail and select to remove the old certificate. Users can then add their new digital covid cert by scanning the QR code from their email.

The new certificates state at the bottom that three doses have been received, and include the date of the latest vaccination dose.

What about my old EU digital Covid cert, the one I used to go on holiday last year? Does that still work?
New EU rules which come into effect from February 1st mean EU digital Covid certs will have a nine-month validity from vaccination.

However, the Department of Health said similar validity periods on vaccination certificates for domestic use, such as access to indoor dining, “are not currently planned by the Government”.

Will I need proof of a booster shot to go to restaurants?
There are currently no plans by the Government to require people to have received a Covid-19 booster shot to access indoor dining, the Department of Health has said. However, the department's statement comes just days after Taoiseach Micheál Martin indicated that booster shots would be required to eat inside restaurants.

When asked if people would be required to have a third shot to enter pubs or restaurants, Mr Martin said: "In the fullness of time, yes I think, well, shorter than that.

“The HSE are now working on including the booster within the vaccine record and cert.”

“Now Government decisions will have to be taken ... in terms of the policy implication of that, but it is very clear to us that the benefits of the booster are very significant right now in preventing infection but above all in preventing severe illness from Omicron.”

How many people have received the booster shot so far?
More than 2.3 million booster shots have been administered to date in Ireland, while nearly 91 per cent of the adult population are considered "fully vaccinated".

Sorcha Pollak

Sorcha Pollak

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Sarah Burns

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