website warns users over phishing scam

Website says email is urging people to activate their address on a fake site has warned users about an email scam. has warned users about an email scam.


Property website has warned users about a scam email purporting to come from the business.

The company has been emailing registered users to say it has been alerted to a so-called phishing scam currently doing the rounds.

“The email claims that we have had server errors and asks you to activate your email,” it states.

“The message, which has the subject ‘User Account Information - Action Required’ is not from my from and while it links to a site which looks like ours, a glance at the address will quickly verify it is not pointed to”

The company asked that anyone receiving the mail ignore it and said it would never ask users to verify their email in this way.

Anyone with questions may email

Such phishing scams are now a common occurrence, with companies, charities and even government departments all having their names used by scammers.

The Revenue Commissioners also warns on a regular basis about phishing scams seeking personal information from taxpayers in connection with a tax refund, or seeking credit or debit card details.