More than 350 migrants rescued by LE ‘Niamh’ in Mediterranean

14 children among group picked up from wooden barge off Libyan coast

The Naval Service patrol ship LÉ Niamh has rescued another 358 people in the Mediterranean.

The patrol ship picked up the migrants in a wooden barge about 110 km north-west of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Friday morning in calm conditions.

Among the group of 314 men and 30 women were 14 children.

All were provided with food, water and medical attention "where required", according to the Defence Forces press office.


Earlier this week, two medics on board the LÉ Niamh delivered a baby girl to a 23-year-old woman who went into labour after she had been rescued and taken on board the patrol ship.

It was the first time that lead medic Paul O'Connell of the Naval Service and Army medical Corporal Conor Kilbride had delivered a child, and both mother and baby - named Destiny - were afforded neo-natal hospital care after they were landed in an Italian port, according to the Naval Service.

The LÉ Niamh has rescued a total of 827 people from the Mediterranean since it took over humanitarian duty a week ago from the LÉ Eithne.

Lorna Siggins

Lorna Siggins

Lorna Siggins is the former western and marine correspondent of The Irish Times