‘Major non-compliance’ in certain disabled centres – Hiqa

Concerns over management of risk, safeguarding from abuse and fire protection

Three centres for disabled adults which are run by the same company have been found to have major non-compliance in relation to issues of safety.

Two Stewarts Care centres in Lucan and one in Palmerstown were inspected by Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) and inspectors found they had failed to protect residents from harm and risk.

The Stewarts Adult Services Centre in Palmerstown, which has 14 residents, was found to be in major non-compliance with regulations in six of 11 categories.

Major concerns were expressed in relation to management of risk, safeguarding of residents from abuse and fire protection.


‘Ongoing concerns’

Inspectors found two cases of potential physical abuse which were not appropriately followed up, and there were “ongoing concerns” over identification and reporting of allegations of abuse.

At the Adult Services Lucan Designated Centre 10, major instances of non-compliance were found in relation to safeguarding and safety of residents and in governance and management. The centre has eight residents.

At the Adult Services Lucan Designated Centre 11, inspectors found incidents of potential abuse had not been appropriately identified, reported or investigated. The centre has 18 residents.

Recommendations not implemented

The inspectors found Stewarts had failed to implement most of the recommendations made following an inspection in April 2017 at that centre.

Hiqa stated the arrangements for the person in charge to manage three designated Stewarts centres were not appropriate.

This had been first raised in April last year and, while measures had been taken to reduce the burden on the manager, there were still issues with emergency cover, Hiqa added.

“The management structure was not clearly defined at unit level and management and administrative functions were not appropriately delegated.

“There was inadequate supervision of staff and inadequate management arrangements in place in the event the person in charge was on leave.”

Two services provided by St Michael’s House were also criticised in the latest inspection reports published by Hiqa.

The watchdog found recommendations which had been previously issued for the service’s Ailesbury Respite centre had not been complied with.

Non-compliance had been identified across a range of outcomes including admissions and contracts of care, social care needs, premises, healthcare needs, medication management and governance.


At its Binn Eadair respite facility, the centre was found to be non-compliant in relation to eight areas.

It was found to be major non-compliant in relation to fire safety and the general safety of residents. There were insufficient staff in place to deal with all eventualities, Hiqa said.

In total, Hiqa published 23 reports on residential services for people with disabilities, of which 13 were found to be in compliance with the regulations and standards, including two centres operated by Stewarts Care.

Other service providers found to be compliant include the St John of God Community Services, Resilience Healthcare Limited, SOS Kilkenny Company Limited by Guarantee, St Aidan's Day Care Centre Limited and St Joseph's Foundation.

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy is a news reporter with The Irish Times