Former Quinn Group employees face new death threat

Company spokesman condemns ‘bullying and criminal activity’ after erection of sign

The management of the former Quinn Group, which operates in Co Cavan and Co Fermanagh, has faced a death threat in a major escalation in a months- long campaign of intimidation.

A sign displaying the message was erected near Quinn Industrial Holdings Limited in Derrylin and read: "Remove the UDA + UVF off our mountain, or face the gun."

The threat was directed at senior directors Kevin Lunney, Tony Lunney, Dara O'Reilly and chief executive Liam McCaffrey, his second such threat in recent months.

Condemning the action, a company spokesman said it was an attempt to “intimidate an entire community and local workforce and undermine businesses that continue to invest in sustaining and growing employment”.


“Neither Quinn Industrial Holdings Limited nor the local community will be intimidated by this self-serving bullying and criminal activity,” he said.

Acts of intimidation

Patricia Gilheany

of Concerned Irish Citizens, which supports the efforts of the Quinn family to get back in control of the operations, said it “absolutely does not condone any acts of intimidation”.

“None of this ever happened in the almost four decades that Seán Quinn was in charge and it is a great disappointment that the community, staff and the Quinn family are being subjected to what is an intolerable situation,” Ms Gilheany said.

“It is our hope that a resolution to the current impasse can be arrived at, whereby a commitment given that the company would be returned to the Quinn family, will be honoured,” she said.

Pádraig Murphy, a Unite union representative has warned the intimidation and threatening notices “threaten employment security of all”.

“These latest signs and notices should be a red flag to everyone in our community.

“No one should have to live under the fear of death threats. It is a fundamental human right to live free of intimidation. These activities have to stop,” Mr Murphy said.

“Intimidation and off-putting signs do nothing for our county; they only cast a shadow over jobs and investment,” he added.

“Unite is reiterating our offer to mediate between the various parties with the aim of securing our members’ jobs.

‘Safeguard the jobs’

“As a union, our sole concern is to safeguard the jobs and pay of our members and the local community.”

Gardaí and the PSNI have spent months investigating the threats, acts of sabotage and vandalism.

The Department of Justice told The Irish Times: “Any attempts to intimidate workers or interfere with commercial enterprises must be regarded with the utmost seriousness.”