Ireland House plan


THE Government is examining the concept of extending the "Ireland House" concept of grouping diplomatic and state agencies in one location in overseas cities. Ireland Houses have so far been opened in New York and Tokyo, and in a number of other cities staff representing state agencies have also been located in embassies.

The Ireland House concept encourages co-operation when representing Irish interests and establishes a significant Irish presence in a particular location, according to the White Paper.

The Government will consider extending the concept and "a flexible approach will be adopted to the inclusion of representatives of the promotional semi state bodies as members of the Embassy staff".

While the major emphasis of trade promotion is centred on the main markets, the White Paper says Ireland should not ignore potential new markets, such as those in central and eastern Europe and in east and south Asia. The development of trade and investment opportunities in co-operation with state agencies is a priority for Irish Embassies in these areas, according to the White Paper.