IFI programmer Pete Walsh dies


The death of Pete Walsh, programmer of the Irish Film Institute, has been announced.

Mr Walsh secured the post in 1994, two years after the Institute opened in Temple Bar, and went on to play a significant part in the development of serious film culture throughout the nation.

A former programmer of the Triangle Cinema in Birmingham, Mr Walsh died after a short illness.

Ross Keane, director of the Irish Film Institute, commented: “His absolute dedication to film and the IFI was unquestionable.

“He ate and drank film and had an unwavering appetite for more. He was a familiar sight to visitors to the IFI, always around and checking in on things to ensure everything was living up to his very high expectations.”

Adrian Wooton, chief executive of Film London, said: “Peter Walsh was a terrifically dedicated and knowledgeable cinema programmer and gave so many people, including me, their first jobs in film.”

Others paying tribute included Geoff Andrew, head of film programme at the British Film Institute, Southbank.

“Very sad news about Pete Walsh,” Mr Andrew said. “For years [he was] a supporter of all that’s worth sticking up for.”