Group calls for extended Dublin Bay promenade


An lobby group associated with the Dublin Docklands Authority is calling for the creation of a continuous waterfront promenade and cycleway extending from Sutton to Sandycove and into the city centre.

The Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway Campaign, S2S, is proposing that a 22km combined promenade and cycleway, three metres wide be created from Sutton to Sandycove, linking and upgrading existing walkways and cycleways.

S2S says it has so far recieved enormous support from several local authorities.

The group claims that up to 100,000 people would use the promenade on a weekly basis saying that the facility would encourage people to walk to work or use it for exercise and leisure.

The promenade and cycleway has the potential to address the traffic problems in the city while offering the possibility of travel from the suburbs to the city on a safe, pollution-free route, according to the group.