Father jailed for ripping off baby daughter's ear


An Irishman living in England has been jailed for 15 months for ripping off part of his baby daughter’s ear, because she would not stop crying.

Vincent McDevitt (29), originally from Bray, Co Wicklow, now living in Coventry, was charged with unlawful assault at Coventry Crown Court for the attack which, the court heard, left his baby’s ear "hanging by a thread".

The court heard that McDevitt had lost his patience with the six-week-old infant and had violently tugged at her face.

The baby was taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital, where it was found that the top part of her ear had been torn. The court heard the infant's wound has now healed.

Prosecutor Mr Ian Ball said the baby also had "other minor injuries", which could not be "laid at the door" of the accused man.

McDevitt had initially suggested the injury had been an accident, or caused by a dog, but later admitted he was responsible.

Counsel for the defence said a pre-sentence report had shown that McDevitt was "at the lower end of borderline average intelligence". The court heard McDevitt "could not cope because of the levels of his intellect" and was "not inherently violent".