Leaving Cert helpdesk: getting into courses via the Hear scheme

The Higher Education Access Route for students from disadvantaged backgrounds


These helpdesk questions were asked online by students and parents and answered by guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett

I got 400 points in my Leaving. I applied to NUI Galway for Computer Science (420) first choice and Science (400) second choice.  I am a Hear student. What are the chances of me being offered my first choice?  Thanks.  

All Hear participating colleges vary in the number of places they make available to Hear students. Also, whether you get your first offer or not will also depend on the competition you'll be up against from other Hear candidates. I don't have access to this data. However, I would be hopeful. 

I achieved 480 points but my course is currently 490. I also have a Hear place. How likely is it that I will be offered my course?

Congratulations on a great result. There is no way of knowing for definite but there has to be a good chance of getting a place on the 480. But this depends on a lot of factors eg, how many places have been allocated for Hear applicants on the course and also the points levels of those successful Hear applicants. Colleges vary in how they allocate Hear places also. Unfortunately it is a waiting game until Monday to know for sure.

I am 10 points short of my course in Trinity but I do have a Hear place. How likely is it that I will be offered the course in Trinity?

I think the best bet would be to contact TCD admissions or the access office and run this past them. They may be in a position to give you some idea of your chances.