Junior Cycle Geography: Paper well received

Students happy as wide range of topics covered in both higher and ordinary level examinations

Both ordinary and higher level Geography papers were well received. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

Both ordinary and higher level Geography papers were well received. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images


Both ordinary and higher level Geography papers were well received by students and teachers alike with few surprises experienced and a good range of topics covered in Friday morning’s exams.

Junior Cert student at Holy Faith Secondary Clontarf, Lauren Scott, said she was very happy with the two-hour paper.

“I thought it was good - it was quite easy. It was generally what I expected. I liked the aerial photo and ordnance map question at the end.

“You had to say why this particlular area was a good location for a hotel and you had to point out on the map areas that showed that there was a history of settlement in the area. I thought that was good.”

“The geography mix question was quite hard but overall, I thought it was quite good.”

Ms Mary Martin, a teacher and TUI representative at St Columbas in Glenties, Co Donegal, said the paper covered a “wide range of topics” and would have been “easily understood” by students.

“Nothing unexpected came up so students should be pleased with the paper. The ordinary level paper had a nice range of topics and lots of skills were tested,” she said.

The higher level paper “featured good skills questions” and tested students on a wide range of subjects.

“Economic and physical aspects were well covered. The Geographical mix had a lovely mix of all the aspects of population. Weather and climate got a full question this year - when some years it doesn’t.”

“The short questions were lovely. They were very clear and students had a good opportunity to show off their knowledge,” she said.

“The Geography paper is in parts which gives each student the opportunity to pick and choose what aspects they prefer.”

Commenting on the aerial map, Ms Martin said the quality of the photograph was excellent.

“It is a standard question on the paper and if they are well prepared - and it would be well practiced in classroom situations - so they don’t struggle with it.

“It is a well-practiced skill and if they were practicing they would find it fine. The quality of the photograph was very clear - that can be an issue sometimes but the quality was lovely.”

Ms Martin said the two hours allocated for the exam was not an issue for students who she said had plenty of time to write considered answers.

“They had time to develop their answers well but they would not have run out of time.

Overall, she said her students were happy with the paper. “They said it was a nice paper and that they were well prepared for it. They were able to attempt everything and they said they understood everything they were asked about - which is a big thing.”