In my life


Joe O'SheaCo-presenter of Seoige and O'Sheaon RTÉ television

Where did you go to school?St Mary's of the Isle Convent, Sullivans Quay CBS, Cork and Deerpark CBS, Cork - a very Catholic education, in the narrowest definition of the term .

What was your best subject?English.

What was your worst subject?Maths and spelling.

If you could put a new subject on the Leaving Cert, what would it be?Social skills.

What was your earliest career ambition?Defence Forces Cadets.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?My career guidance teacher, Brother Seavers. We were all city boys from working-class families but he encouraged us to look beyond what was expected for us (which wasn't a hell of a lot).

Who was your childhood idol? Bilbo Baggins.

Who was your best friend?Morty McCarthy - he lived off Barrack Street, about four streets over from me.

What is he/she doing now?He was playing drums in the Sultans of Ping FC; he is now living in Stockholm, DJ-ing, organising Sultans reunion tours and doing merchandising for Radiohead and REM.

What TV programme/film most reminds you of your school days? Battle of the Planets(a Japanese cartoon)

What song most reminds you of your school days? Baggy Trousersby Madness - the Two-Tone thing was huge when I was going from primary into secondary. Everybody was wearing Crombies and Harringtons, like.

What food most reminds you of your school days?Sherbet lemons - all stuck together in the bottom of a tiny brown paper bag.

What was your school uniform like?Dull, grey and scientifically designed to quell all sexual stirrings in convent school girls.

What's the boldest thing you ever did in school?Writing my name in foot-high letters on the wall overlooking the school yard - part of me wanted to be caught that day.

Who did you bring to your debs?A lovely girl from the northside - I'm still friends with her and her family. She was the most stunning girl there, too.

Did you go to college and if so, what did you study?I went to Rathmines College of Commerce and studied journalism - left after the first year as I needed the shekels.

Would you send your own children to the same school that you went to?Well, they are about to knock down Sullie's Quay and build apartments on it - so unless they would appreciate being educated inside an eggbox by stressed out mortgage slaves, no.

What was the best thing about your education?Overhead projectors.

What was the worst thing about your education?The Christian Brothers were forced to give up the leather the year I went into secondary school - I don't think they were the same after that.