Grad profile: ‘You get the opportunity to work with many different clients’

TCD graduate Monica Nugent enrolled in Deloitte’s graduate programme.

Monica Nugent

Monica Nugent


Tell us about yourself, where you’re from and what you studied in college

I’m an analyst on the human capital consulting team in Deloitte. I’m from Dublin and studied Business and Economics in Trinity College.

How did you find out about the grad programme?

I found out about it through a talk we had from a couple of Deloitte graduates during one of my lectures in final year.

I also attended a few careers fairs and the graduates at the Deloitte stand were always really friendly and helpful.

What is the graduate programme like?

It’s really busy, because there’s so much to learn as you’re getting started and there are lots of events and training hosted by the early careers team.

However, it’s great to have lots of other graduates join Deloitte at the same time - they provide a real support network and I’ve made some wonderful friends which has made the grad programme really enjoyable.

Explain what the work experience was like

As a big firm, you get the opportunity to work with many different clients so each project I’ve been on has offered a completely unique experience to the last. Some of the work has been challenging but we have regular check-ins with team members so there’s always plenty of help and it’s nice to look back and see how far you’ve come.

My graduate intake also only got about six months in the office before working from home became the norm, so there are a few I’ve become more accustomed to virtually than in person at this stage.

What do you plan to work as after the programme and why?

I’m not sure yet. I’m getting some great experience at the moment so I plan to stay with Deloitte for the next little while and learn as much as I can. I’ve recently been on a few change management projects which I’m enjoying, so maybe something in that area.

What’s your advice to graduates applying to the programme?

My advice would be to include as much experience as you can on your application. Any coursework you think is relevant, and societies or activities you were involved in during your time in college are also great things to include.

I would also advise talking to as many of the current graduates as you can to get some information about what they’re working on, it’s a good way to find out if the programme will be a good fit for you.

- Shauna Bowers