Grad Profile: ‘No one expects you to know it all coming in’

Aniekeme Samuel is a tax associate at PWC

Aniekeme Samuel: ‘Above all,sbe yourself. Your individuality counts!’

Aniekeme Samuel: ‘Above all,sbe yourself. Your individuality counts!’


Tell us about yourself, where you’re from, what you studied in college?

“I am a Nigerian by nationality and I grew up in Malaysia. I completed a degree in software engineering in Malaysia before moving to Ireland for studies four years ago. In Ireland, I went on to pursue a masters in accounting at Dublin City University. ”

How did you find out about the PwC graduate programme?

“I was introduced to the PwC graduate programme through my college and applied during the graduate recruitment process. After progressing through the interview stage, I was offered the job. While studying in DCU, I enjoyed the tax modules. I did some research on a career in taxation and was intrigued about the ever changing nature of tax, the opportunity to gain insight into business operations, and advise a wide array of clients on various tax matters.”

What is your graduate programme like?

“The graduate programme is a three-year training where you gain all-round experience in tax while receiving the support needed to pass your exams. It is a very exciting and diverse experience and no two days are the same. I have many opportunities to interact with clients, build long-lasting friendships with colleagues and gain extensive tax knowledge while getting the necessary support to develop as a person.”

Explain the kind of work experience you did and what the course entails.

“Working in tax involves assisting with tax compliance, advising clients on ad-hoc tax issues that they face and providing due diligence advice within mergers and acquisitions. This entails communication with clients and at times visiting client sites, various meetings with partners and directors in PwC and liaising with other PwC offices internationally.

What do you plan to work as after the programme and why?

“Although I have the option to work in accounting due to my accounting qualification, I have enjoyed working in tax so far and will remain in the tax field. I intend to stay with PwC and progress to partner someday. However, I would like to experience what it is like to work in industry, which they encourage by means of secondment opportunities.”

Any advice to graduates applying to the programme this year?

“It is important to prepare for the application by doing some research on PwC, the different departments and the specific position that you are applying for. Time management, teamwork and the ability to ask questions are important skills to demonstrate. Above all, be yourself. Your individuality counts!”