Do you know more than a primary school student?

Try some of these questions asked at the quiz final


Q What is the name of the scale used to measure the spice level of a chilli pepper?

A Scoville

Q Name the process that involves placing potatoes or other tubers into egg cartons to encourage sprouting.

A Chitting

Q Halifax is the provincial capital of what Canadian maritime province?

A Nova Scotia

Q What Washington organisation founded 57 years ago was established by President Dwight D Eisenhower and was preceded by NACA?


Q Which artist had a famous blue period between 1901 and 1904?

A Picasso

Q Name the horse ridden by Ruby Walsh which fell in the Mare’s Hurdle at the Cheltenham festival in March?

A Annie Power

Q In which country would you find the Oder and Vistula rivers, both of which flow into the Baltic Sea?

A Poland

Q In what sport do you stand behind the Oche line?

A Darts

Q What is the capital of Indonesia?

A Jakarta

Q What was Henry VIII’s surname?

A Tudor