CAO helpdesk 2017: CAO choices

A selection of questions asked of our guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett

Results of appeals come back in mid–October

Results of appeals come back in mid–October


Expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett were working on on Monday answering people’s queries about CAO offers.

Here is a selection of the questions and answers regarding CAO choices.

I have received my second choice but I have also received enough points for my third choice which I thought was unachievable. Is it possible to do my third choice over my second, in the second round of offers?
I’m afraid not. All course choices below today’s offer have now become obsolete. The CAO advises all candidates to put their courses in order of preference based on interest not points.

I have got my sixth choice on my CAO which is Philosophy at Trinity, but my TSM options of Drama with Classical Civilisation was lower points. I got an acceptance letter for Drama so I am eligible. Should I wait for the second round?
This depends where the TSM is on your list of preferences. If it is above your sixth choice you are still in the running for it but if if it is lower then you will not be considered for it anymore. Drama with Classical Civilisation is 469.

My son’s first choice was PPES in TCD 555 points (no asterisk). He got 554. He is going to review three Leaving Cert scripts and may get rechecked. If one subject goes up he will exceed the 555. Would he then automatically get offered the place in PPES?
Yes, if one subject goes up in October and he reaches 555 or above then he is entitled to a place on PPES. He will be offered a place, but it will either be an immediate place starting in October if they can accommodate him or it may be a deferred place the following year if they have no space for more students.

I have a problem with my offers and I need advice on what I should do, I got offered LIT (my third choice) but I really would much prefer to do the Arts in UL or Mary I (my fourth choice) I never got to change my CAO in time, I got 356 points.
You will not get offered a lower course preference than today’s offer. All courses that lie below your third choice have now become obsolete. You need to keep an eye on vacant places on the CAO website. This is also known as available places. You can apply for any of the courses that appear on this facility providing that you meet the requirements.
If your preferred course doesn’t appear under available places then you will have to reapply to CAO 2018.

Hi, our daughter got her second choice but really wanted her first - Law in Trinity. She got 533 in the Leaving Cert. Could she get an offer in round two? Also she’s getting English rechecked, if it increases from H3 to H2 what happens?
She may still get her first choice in round two if points fall and she then meets the cut off points. Candidates can be offered preferences that lie above today’s offer but not courses that lie below today’s offer.
Results of appeals come back in mid October. Colleges will offer you a place subject to availability or they may offer you a deferred place for 2018.