This week 2 COOL 4 SKOOLtalks to COLM HAYESand JIM NUGENT(aka COLM and JIM-JIM) - presenters of 2FM'S Breakfast Show

Where did you go to school?
Colm: St Aidan's CBS, Collins Avenue, Whitehall. Jim: CBC Monkstown Park

Were you cool or were you one of the nerdy kids?
Jim: Very cool, so cool it was almost nerdy. Colm: I was neither cool nor nerdy. What lies in between the two extremes? I'm not sure but whatever it was that was me.

Give us an extract of a school report.
Colm: Has great potential but refuses to achieve it. Slightly disruptive, short concentration span, thinks he's some sort of funny guy. Jim: Jimmy is quite a bright boy but he's a messer, if he applied himself to the work he could do quite well but he's just looking for laughs.

Who was your favourite teacher in primary school? Why?
Colm: I remember a sort of hippy art teacher with long hair and leather patches. He smelt of cigarettes and let us do what we wanted. 'Art helps you express the person who lives inside you,' he would often tell a bunch of confused ten year olds. Jim: My singing teacher because of her leather skirt.

How about secondary school? Anyone who you liked/inspired you?
Jim: Brother Kingston. A great teacher, used to look forward to his class.... And Monsieur Fox was a good guy too. Colm: We had an economics teacher who was damned cool and very funny. He wore three-piece suits and had a pocket watch on a chain. I remember he used to tackle the Irish Times crossword upside down because it was more challenging. Crazy, cool and unfortunately dead. He died suddenly after about two years of teaching us. His death had an impact on me. I never wanted to be a teacher.

Did you have a nickname?Jim: Nuge, Nugget, Jimbo, Apples, Flappy, Fly, DJ Kat, Alphonsus. Colm: Quite a few. One was 'Fingers' because of the way I dealt cards. Strange how it all comes back to you.

What was the first music album you bought?
Jim: 'The All-Nighter' - Glen Frey ('The Heat Is On' & 'Smuggler's Blues). Colm: I remember buying Santana's 'Caravanserai' and being quite blown away by it. All my mates were listening to Status Quo or worse . . . and I was 'chilling' to Carlos Santana.

What's on your iPod now?
Colm: Oh God! Where do you start . . . Ben Folds, Stevie Wonder, Macy Gray, Isley Bros, Joe Tex, Tupac, Supertramp, The Hoosiers, Gymclass Heroes . . . it goes on and on. Jim: Lots of Prince, Lots of Stevie, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Soul, R&B

What posters did you have on your bedroom wall?
Colm: Manchester United. Jim: A poster of Paris and a poster of Bo Derek from 10.

Who was your first crush?
Colm: It was probably a friend of my older sister; or I once met this American girl on a bus when I was about 12. Jim: Cathy and Jenny from down the road.

Who would play you in a movie of your younger days?
Jim: Fozzie Bear. Colm: That bloke from Malcolm In The Middle or Chris's white friend in Everyone Hates Chris.

What did you study in college?
Jim: Film & Television; Photography. Colm: Media Communications. Film, TV and Radio.

Regrets? Have you had a few?
Colm: I regret not pursuing a script I sent to Hollywood in the 1980s for the Moonlighting TV series, I regret leaving piano lessons, I regret every argument I've ever had, I regret spending money on ridiculous stuff. I regret not learning to sail and single-handedly sailing around the world. I regret therefore I am! Jim: No regrets, everything that happens, good or bad, teaches you and forms you. I wouldn't change anything.