Dublin man (21) found guilty of murder in Tenerife


A Dublin man has been convicted of murdering a Spaniard during a fight on the holiday island of Tenerife in 2010.

Dubliner Keith Burke (21), who has been on remand since the killing, was found guilty by unanimous decision of a jury last night at the criminal court in Santa Cruz.

He stabbed ferry steward Abraham Báez (24) during a row triggered by an argument outside the Tropical Playa Hotel between their respective girlfriends in the early hours of April 30th, 2010.

The prosecutor has called for a 17-year sentence and €200,000 compensation for the dead man’s parents.

Burke’s lawyer Avelino Míguez urged judge Fernando Paredes to take into account his client’s young age (18) at the time of the killing when he passes sentence next week, adding that he would be appealing the conviction.

Burke’s girlfriend, Sara Stuart (30), was found guilty of causing injuries to Mr Báez’s partner but was cleared of the more serious charge of wounding her with a large rock. The jury recommended that any sentence she receives should be suspended.