Drink-driving dangers highlighted in poll


One in eight people knowingly travelled in a car with a driver who was over the legal drink-driving limit within the last year, while nearly half of all adults have driven with a hangover over the same period, a survey suggests.

An AA Motor Insurance poll of almost 15,000 people found that 13 per cent of respondents said they had travelled in a car with someone they knew to have more than the legal permissible amount of alcohol in their system.

The practice was found to be most common among 17-24 year olds with 20 per cent of that cohort admitting they had been the passenger of someone they knew to be over the limit.

The AA also highlighted the problem of driving with a bad hangover. All told, 40 per cent of those polled said they had run the risk of driving “the morning after the night before” within the last year even though they were unsure of blood alcohol level.

A quarter of those polled said they would have taken a lift from someone they would have classified as severely hungover within the last 12 months. This figure increased more than twofold among 17-24 year olds, and in this group 56 per cent said they had shared a car with a severely hungover driver.