Donkey dies during memorial trip around Ireland


AGNIESZKA JABLONSKA, who was walking around Ireland with a pet donkey in memory of her Irish boyfriend, mauled by two vicious farm dogs, is heartbroken following the death of the animal.

The donkey, Mucci, was put down on Saturday following a tragic accident.

Polish-born Ms Jablonska (30) was three months into the walk in memory of her Waterford-born boyfriend Maurice Sullivan (51), when her donkey became sick outside Ballintra in Co Donegal.

She contacted Sathya Sai donkey sanctuary in Castlebaldwin, Co Sligo, which arranged transport for both Ms Jablonska and Mucci to stay there until the donkey was better.

Last Friday Mucci was better and tried to jump a gate into an adjoining field with other donkeys. He was caught in the leap and damaged his underside so badly that he had to be put down.

Sanctuary owner Sue Paling said: “Agnieszka is distraught. Mucci was the best-loved donkey in Ireland and it was clear, too, that he was very close to her. She is inconsolable.”

The 15-year-old donkey was a gift from Maurice’s family to Ms Jablonska. Exactly 18 months after his death she set out from Galway on the round-Ireland pilgrimage with the animal to raise awareness of dangerous dogs.

Agnieszka and Mr Sullivan were working on an organic farm in Penang Island in Malaysia when he was set upon by two cross-bred pit bulls on January 9th, 2011,

The mongrels mauled him to death as she watched in horror.

She expected her 3,000-km walk around Ireland with Mucci would take a couple of years at 10km a day, with long breaks during winter months.

The dogs which killed Mr Sullivan were trained to protect the Penang farm from wild boars and pythons.

They were put down seven months after the attack following an appeal to the Malaysian High Court from Sullivan’s family.