Czech ruling party wins elections, turnout low


The ruling Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) won legislative elections in the ex-communist country with some 30.25 per cent of the vote, according to almost complete results today which showed a slump in turnout.

The main opposition conservative Civic Democrats (ODS) trailed on 24.38 per cent, according to the results published with some 99.27 per cent of votes counted in the leading EU candidate state.

The centrist opposition Coalition won 14.21 per cent of the vote, while the communist party (KSCM) scored 18.58 per cent.

Turnout was 57.97 per cent, significantly down from the 74 per cent registered at the last legislative ballots in 1998.

Analysts said the most likely power-sharing scenario is between the Social Democrats and the centrist Coalition, a two-party grouping including one party which split from the ODS in 1997.