Woman apologises to priest over false abuse claim

Kerry woman undertakes never to repeat false allegations

Four Courts: Eileen Culloty has apologised to her parish priest in Co Kerry over false abuse allegations.

Four Courts: Eileen Culloty has apologised to her parish priest in Co Kerry over false abuse allegations.


A woman has apologised at the High Court to a priest whom she falsely accused of abusing her.

Eileen Culloty, who lives beside the presbytery in Currow, Killarney, Co Kerry, wrote a letter to the Bishop of Kerry in which she made a series of untrue allegations against Fr Liam O’Brien which she later repeated to the gardai, HSE and Personal Injury Advisory Board. She also disrupted a funeral Mass at which the priest was officiating.

In a letter read at the High Court today, she apologised and undertook never to repeat the false allegations.

Robert Dore, solicitor for Fr O’Brien, based in Killorglin, Co Kerry, said the priest has agreed not to further pursue his action for damages for defamation against Ms Culloty on the basis of the apology letter.

Fr O’Brien had also sought orders restraining Ms Culloty from watching, besetting and harassing him over the false allegations on grounds those were damaging and interfered with his peace, privacy and well-being.

Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne agreed to a request from Mr Dore to adjourn the matter generally, meaning it can come back before the court if there are any further incidents.

In the apology written to Fr O’Brien, Ms Culloty said she wished to put on record that the allegations she made in the letter to the Bishop in December 2008, and later verbally to others, never had any basis or truth. “I wish to categorically also put on record that you never acted inappropriately towards me, or any member of my family, in any way whatever, either sexually, pyhsically, verbally, psychologically or otherwise,” she said.

She unreservedly apologised and undertook that neither she or anyone else on her behalf would make such allegations.

She also apologised for an incident on Februrary 8th, 2011, when she disrupted a funeral Mass in Currow at which Fr O’Brien was officiating.

She also accepted Fr O’Brien was a priest of the utmost integrity and that he never behaved in any untoward way.