Dundalk timeline: How the horrific events unfolded

Violence began at 9am on Wednesday, two days after young man was stopped by garda

Gardaí seal off the scene of a fatal stabbing on Avenue Road, Dundalk on Wednesday morning. Photograph:  Colin Keegan/Collins

Gardaí seal off the scene of a fatal stabbing on Avenue Road, Dundalk on Wednesday morning. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins


January 1st, 2018:

An 18-year-old Egyptian national is stopped by a garda on foot patrol in Dundalk town and asked about his immigration status. On learning the man is not legally resident in Ireland, the garda instructs him to go the Irish Nationalisation and Immigration Service in Dublin to lodge an application for asylum. It is not known if the man went to Dublin.

January 3rd:

9am The young man makes his way on foot down Avenue Road in Dundalk armed with two knives. He attacks and stabs a 24-year-old Japanese man who has been living in the town for the past year. The victim sustains stab wounds to his back.

9.07am Gardaí arrive at the scene having been alerted by a witness, but the suspect has fled. They administer CPR to the victim but are unable to revive him and he is pronounced dead by paramedics shortly afterwards. The scene is preserved and gardaí begin interviewing witnesses and gathering CCTV footage.

9.32am Gardaí receive a call about another stabbing on Coes Road, about 20 minutes’ walk from Avenue Road. They find a man at the scene who has suffered stab wounds. He is brought to hospital but his injuries are not life-threatening.

9.40am Dundalk Garda station receives another call from the public stating that a man had been attacked with a pole on Seatown Place, about 13 minutes’ walk from Coes Road.

9.42am A single uniformed, unarmed garda spots the suspect nearby “acting erratically” and carrying a “fencing post”. The garda, aware the suspect could be armed with a blade, stands back and observes him while waiting for backup.

9.45am Garda backup, including armed detectives, arrives on the scene and arrests the suspect after a short struggle. He is found to be armed with one knife. The suspect is handcuffed and taken away.

10am Investigators seal off five scenes around the town to gather evidence. Sniffer dogs are brought in to assist in the search for a second knife.

10.26am Gardaí make a public appeal for witnesses to any of the incidents.

1pm The body of the deceased man is removed from Avenue Road in a hearse under the supervision of the State Pathologist’s Office.

Wednesday afternoon:

The suspect is held in Dundalk Garda Station under Section Four of the Criminal Justice Act on suspicion of murder. He refuses to co-operate in interview.

Gardaí launch a massive investigation involving intelligence units, the Special Detective Unit and the Garda National Immigration Bureau.