Dublin teens accused of rape in Belfast barred from Northern Ireland

Teenagers are accused of filming themselves during alleged rape of female last weekend

Three teenagers from Dublin accused of filming themselves during the alleged rape of a female in Belfast are to be barred from Northern Ireland, a High Court judge ordered today.

The prohibition was imposed as the trio were granted bail on charges of carrying out the alleged assault last weekend.

None of the accused are being named at this stage to ensure the alleged victim’s identity is protected.

They were arrested by police investigating an incident on April 2 at premises on the outskirts of Belfast.


Aged between 17 and 19 at the time, all three defendants face charges of rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment.

They deny wrongdoing and insist that any activity was consensual.

Prosecution counsel Robin Steer told the court that the alleged attack took place in a room where at one stage the female said she "curled into a ball".

He contended that mobile phone footage showed her fall off the bed while the accused are all laughing.

Salute gesture

One defendant can be viewed making a salute gesture to the camera while engaged in sexual activity, it was claimed.

In another clip a co-accused allegedly flexed his arm muscles and declared: “Champs.”

Mr Steer submitted: “It’s an extremely serious incident, committed by three males against one individual who, I understand from the video, is clearly highly intoxicated.”

Granting bail to all three defendants, however, Mr Justice Huddleston indicated that he had been reassured by their "supportive family arrangements".

Ordering each of them to lodge £2,500 cash sureties, the judge banned any contact with each other or the alleged victim.

He also directed: “They will be excluded from Northern Ireland, other than to attend court.”