Defamation action against Rihanna not proceeding, High Court told

Dublin-based former head of security discontinues case against singer

A defamation action against singer Rihanna brought by her Dublin-based former head of security is no longer proceeding.

The action was brought by Geoffrey Keating, who claimed he was defamed in a series of allegedly false statements contained in an email sent to him and his wife by the 27-year-old actress and singer in July 2013.

Mr Keating claimed the allegations and untrue statements contained in the e mail were untrue and had gravely injured his reputation and his business. Arising out of the e mail Mr Keating launched proceedings in the High Court in Dublin seeking damages against the singer.

However, a notice of discontinuance has been lodged in the case bringing the proceedings to an end.


When contacted, Mr Keating's solicitor Gerald Kean confirmed that a notice of discontinuance had been filed, but did not wish to say anything more on the matter.

Last year when the case came before the High Court Mr Keating's lawyers secured permission from Mr Justice Michael Peart to serve notice of the intended proceedings on Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna at her address at Lafayette Street, Soho, New York.

The application to serve the proceedings on Rihanna at her home address in New York was made after a firm of solicitors in the UK said they did not have the authority to accept the proceedings on the singer’s behalf.

Seeking the order, Keith Spencer Bl for Mr Keating, a businessman with an address at Woodbank Drive, Valley Park, Finglas, Dublin 11 said his client was head of security for the singer while she was on tour between October 2012 and July 2013.

While no details of the alleged defamatory remarks were given in open court, counsel said the email sent to Mr and Mrs Keating contained allegations that were "nauseatingly offensive," which his client denied.

Counsel said the same allegedly defamatory allegations were made in a phone call by the Barbados-born singer to Mr Keating’s sister also in July 2013.

Permission to serve court papers on the singer was granted by Mr Justice Michael Peart on an ex-parte (where only one side was represented in court) basis.