Man stole bicycle with no chain or pedals from Garda station

Martin Comerford ordered to pay €200 to charity after Tallaght theft


A man who stole a bicycle from a Garda station and was caught by the time he got to the front gate has been ordered to pay €200 to charity.

Tallaght Court heard on Monday the bike stolen by Martin Comerford had no chain or pedals.

Judge Bridget Reilly told Comerford: “A bike without a chain. Did you not notice?”

Comerford replied: “No”.

Judge Reilly said: “It is kind of important”.

Comerford, (34), Knockmore Green, Tallaght, admitted to stealing a bicycle from Tallaght Garda station on November 2nd, 2014.

Comerford told Judge Reilly he had taken the bicycle because he had seen it left at the back of the station.

He said it had no chain and pedals.

A garda said Comerford got as far as the front gate before being apprehended.

He said Comerford had 10 previous convictions.

Judge Reilly said she would apply the Probation Act if Comerford pays

€200 to charity. She adjourned the case to July for payment of the donation.