Jury retires to consider verdict in trial of Barbie Kardashian

Woman denies 11 charges of threatening to kill her mother and her former social care worker

The jury in the trial of a woman who is charged with threatening to kill or cause serious harm to her mother and another person has been sent home for the weekend and will continue its deliberations on Monday.

Barbie Kardashian (20), of no fixed abode, has pleaded not guilty to a total of 11 charges of threatening to kill her mother Maria Luque and her former social care worker Michael Mannix at Coovagh House, Limerick, a secure facility for troubled youths, on dates in 2020.

Ms Kardashian, who was born a male named Gabriel Alejandro Gentile, but identifies as female, changed her name by deed poll, and was granted a certificate by the Department of Social Protection, which recognises her gender as female, the jury heard.

In his closing speech on Friday, defence barrister Mark Nicholas SC, said several witnesses involved in Ms Kardashian’s care at Coovagh House had given evidence that they were not immediately alarmed by her alleged threats.

The utterances of Ms Kardashian were “commonplace” in such a challenging work environment and “they were not taken seriously”, he said.

Mr Nicholas said he accepted ugly, nasty and gruesome words were uttered by his client about her mother and about staff, but he argued these were not of a chilling, sinister or criminal nature.

He said Ms Kardashian’s care workers did not log each alleged threat as significant events and they did not immediately relay them to gardaí. He said “there was no evidence” Ms Kardashian had any history of assaulting anyone while a resident in Coovagh House from 2018 to 2020.

Terrible life

Mr Nicholas told the jury that Ms Kardashian “has a desire to shock, a desire to be the centre of attention” and her words had to be taken in this context.

“Barbie Kardashian has had a terrible life, a horrible horrible experience. She’s invited into a care setting, she’s told it’s a safe place, a nonjudgmental place, she is young, she is confused, she is turning 18, she takes the invitation and uses it to try to process things and that promised safe place offered to a vulnerable, damaged kid, turns out to be the dock,” said Mr Nicholas.

He said the prosecution was “all perfectly within the law” but he was uncomfortable with it”

“It reminds me of the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the character of the Child Catcher who would call out ‘sweeties, sweeties’ to the children luring them on a promise — when in fact it was a cage,” he said.

“That scene frightened me as a child, and this prosecution frightens me as an adult, and I ask you to not guilty verdicts on all the charges.”

Mr Nicholas accepted the accused told officials at Coovagh of her plan to get a taxi to her mother’s house, overpower her and torture her with a knife, a screwdriver and boiling water before killing her — but he argued this was “all fantasy”.

Mr Nicholas told the jury: “The threats to the mother, these were regular, there was nothing new in that, the witnesses said they had heard it all before, and it was a case of, ‘that’s just Barbie’”.

Ms Kardashian, who is diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, had suffered significant trauma after been the victim of alleged abuse involving her parents, although no details of her alleged mistreatment were disclosed during the trial.

Mr Nicholas said: “She engages in deliberate shock behaviour to be deliberately provocative. She is in a locked space, she’s bored.”

He said Ms Kardashian had been an alleged victim of child sex abuse and was now a victim of online “trolling”, which was “a burden on an already burdened person”.

After two hours and 29 minutes of deliberations, the jury was sent home for the weekend and proceedings were adjourned to Monday morning.

Judge Tom O’Donnell told the jury members to not discuss the case with anyone. “Stay away from the internet, your duty is to decide the case on the evidence you have heard.”