Boy hit with toy block gets €20,000 compensation

Six-year-old was celebrating when he was injured in Co Donegal community centre


A boy who was struck with a toy block while celebrating his birthday has been awarded €20,000 in compensation.

The child was celebrating his sixth birthday at Malin Head Community Centre in Co Donegal when the incident took place.

Letterkenny Circuit Court heard yesterday how the boy had been left with a scar for life since the incident on November 6th, 2012.

Barrister Peter Nolan told Judge Keenan Johnson there was no adult supervision at the time. “He was struck on the head with a toy block and sustained serious head injuries,” he said. “A report from a consultant plastic surgeon shows the boy suffered a 2cm scar, which is narrow and of a pale nature but it is permanent and has led to a minor degree of disfigurement.”

Malin Head Community Centre had offered €15,000 in damages, the court heard.

The judge examined the boy’s injury in his private chambers and then asked Mr Nolan to make contact with the centre’s insurers. “I am not satisfied the offer is sufficient,” said the judge.

He suggested €20,000 was more appropriate and instru- cted Mr Nolan to convey this to the insurers.The increased offer was made and accepted.