Dublin teens in three-day queue for €188 Kanye West trainers

Why queue for trainers? They ‘make you feel special’

Off school for the summer, a large group of teenagers are using their free time to form a three-day queue to buy the new Yeezy trainers by Kanye West and Adidas.

The teenagers, all male, have been camped outside JD Sports on Henry Street in Dublin’s north inner city since Thursday.

They’ve already slept in their tents overnight once and will do so again on Friday night before the trainers are “dropped”, meaning they go on sale at 2pm on Saturday.

By then they expect the queue to have swelled. And they’re preparing for a jostle to hold their place to be sure they are one of the lucky ones.


"Basically they're Kanye West runners," said Darragh Boland as he sat on a camping chair beside his tent outside the JD Sports, among a group of about 80 teenagers.

“They’re cool and they’re rare; there’s only a certain number of them that each shop has. They’re €188.”

Wearing a pair of Yeezys when he spoke to The Irish Times, Boland (15), Cabra, Dublin, said he had bought his last pair in October.

The shoes are black canvas trainers with a black sole and splash design on the side, the colour of which changes each month and drives demand.

"They're a sneaker collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas," explained Paolo Vergara (19) when asked what Yeezys were.

He is camping in the street because it’s the only way to sure to get his hands on a new pair.

“They’re hype shoes; everyone likes them and everyone wants them.”

Sadiq Jeremiah Yusuf (18), Clondalkin, had taken on a lead role in the queue; recording the names of all of those present and their places in line.

“The trainers are in fashion, they’re in trend at the moment,” he said when asked why he would camp overnight and sit all day in the street.

“Kanye West is a big influencer, not only in music but in fashion as well. He has a big influence worldwide; on fashion in places like Brown Thomas.

“Big brand stores are going to bring them; the hype is there, he’s built it up.”

Queuing for his third pair of Yeezys, he said the ones set for launch tomorrow “have a zebra design”.

“They’ll be very, very limited. We think there’ll be 200 in stock. Here in the queue not everybody is guaranteed a pair.

“There’s only JD, Size and Brown Thomas selling them and it’s only in Dublin.”

Kevin Roscoe (16), Cabra, was alone in the group of friends close to the top of the line in never having owned a pair of the trainers.

“I’m 11thin the queue,” he announced. “There’s a list that we keep ourselves, everyone has a number. It might get messy in the morning when they are about to drop.”

Asked what was so special about the new shoes he said: “Nobody will have these. When you have them on your feet you’ll just feel special like. This is going to be my first pair.

Conor Lally

Conor Lally

Conor Lally is Security and Crime Editor of The Irish Times