Dublin man who nearly sold home wins €500,000 in lottery

Father of four scooped largest ever scratch card prize


A Dublin man has claimed the largest ever scratch card prize after scooping €500,000, the National Lottery said today.

The man, who wishes to remain private, bought the scratch card in the Applegreen service station on the M1 at Lusk, Co Dublin last Friday.

“I’d been lucky a few weeks ago on a Scratch Card when I’d won €1,000, so I thought I’d try my luck again with the same one. I scratched it right away and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw €50,000. I took it home and showed it to my wife and she pointed out that it was €500,000, not €50,000”, the man is quoted by the National Lottery as saying.

He won the prize on the Lottery’s All Cash Extravaganza game: a €20 scratch card with a top prize of €500,000 instantly. It is the largest prize on a National Lottery Scratch Card.

The father of four added: “This means so much as it really brings peace of mind for me and my family. I nearly sold our home a few months ago, and now I can pay off the mortgage and credit cards. One of the kids was looking at having to go away for work, and now I’m able to help them out so they can stay at home.

“The wife is already planning the holiday. I haven’t been on one for years and my passport had expired. I’ve the passport application all filled out and ready to go”.