Complete Onside Soccer


CD-ROM minimum system requirements 486DX/66mhz 8MB RAMP 8MB hard disk space Double speed CD-drive DOS 6.2, GA. £29.99

THERE are three types of soccer simulations. The conventional type, with a straightforward eleven a side kick about, is probably the most popular, with the more technical and managerial games running a close second. Third in line are the player manager sims, where the idea is to provide the game player with the best of both worlds. Such is Onside Soccer.

Being a player manager requires a deft touch both on and off the pitch which is easier said than done. And although Onside Soccer allows you to watch games from the dugout whenever you please, this takes away from the player manager ideal.

When you take to the pitch, as is often the case with these double edged games, it quickly becomes apparent that the standard of game play is not up to scratch. In the boardroom, lack of attention to detail is as glaringly obvious. Onside Soccer, like so many before it, is not so much two games in one, but a game of two halves.

It's not all bad, however. The buying and selling of players, allocating budgets, and dealing with players' salaries, stadium development and team tactics, can be entertaining while taking in the odd game or two yourself. But it must be remembered that on Soccer will not fully satisfy the hunger of a purely manage or on pitch game player.

Soccer is certainly the worst of its type. But it is middle of the road as far as of game goes.