Chinese general criticises US navy exercise


A CHINESE general and military strategist has slammed planned US troop exercises in Asia as a provocation and has accused President Barack Obama’s administration of trying to encircle his country and sow chaos with its China policy.

Maj Gen Luo Yuan penned his broadside in the Liberation Army Daily, the top paper of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It is a remarkably forthright view from such a senior military figure.

The missive stands as the latest diatribe against Washington, which China accuses of gunboat diplomacy with a series of military drills near its borders.

The Pentagon is planning joint naval exercises with ally South Korea that will send a US aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea, between China and the Korean peninsula, a move seen as underlining Washington’s support for South Korea amid ongoing tensions with North Korea. Both the US and South Korea blame Pyongyang for torpedoing a South Korean navy ship in March.

Maj Gen Yuan said: “Americans always present themselves as the most democratic country, but surely that means they should respect others and listen to others and solve problems with wisdom, not force.”

The comments show the military is keen for the government to come up with a tough response to the military drills.

Maj Gen Yuan continued: “Rarely has there been such wavering and chaos in US policy towards China.” He also listed the reasons for China’s opposition to military manoeuvres nearby. “In terms of security, Chairman Mao Zedong once said, ‘We will never allow others to keep snoring beside our beds.’ If the United States were in China’s shoes, would it allow China to stage military exercises near its western and eastern coasts?”