Travel Gear: Compact gadgets for on the go

The backpack for the super-neat, cargo bike meets scooter and the food flask

Cocoon Slim Backpack
It's one of my favourite pieces of travel gear, Cocoon's Grid-It, with its criss- cross of elastic straps to hold all your bag stuff in place. It makes sense for them to design its own integrated bag too. There's a briefcase version (available from the Apple Store among others) and this new super-slimline backpack, which as well as having a built-in Grid-It pocket, has a compartment for a laptop or tablet. With water-resistant ballistic nylon, waterproof zippers and adjustable straps. $79.99 from

Nimble Cargo Scooters
With what used to be referred to as micro-scooters moving beyond kids' toys for some and the oh-so practical cargo bike gaining in popularity, it was only a matter of time before someone cross-pollinated them. Cue the Nimble. Designed in California, it comes for self-assembly. Anyone who'd like one would love that challenge too. The big 68-litre cargo compartment can heft plenty around – and you can always wheel it around too. €389 from and other online retailers

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Food System
You don't have to be an all-action, outdoorsy adventurer to enjoy one of these, there might be a commuter who'd like to tool up too. Stanley's compact food set includes a vacuum-insulated cylinder that can hold lots and keep it hot for up to 13 hours, a dry storage compartment, a built-in cooking pot, a cup-bowl, even its own spork. The whole lot comes in tough 18/8 stainless steel, with leak-proof seals and it's all BPA-free, if that sort of thing is on one's mind. $50 from

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