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Roaming, recharging and removable booties

Based in Toronto, KnowRoaming offers a way to deal with excessive mobile roaming charges if you're a regular flyer – although even an occasional trip might make sense if you use your phone a lot. There are two parts: a wafer-thin KnowRoaming sticker, that you apply to your phone's SIM, and an app. On your home network, nothing happens, but once you're away, KnowRoaming kicks in offering savings of up to 85 per cent, it is claimed, on voice and data in over 200 countries by automatically switching you to a local network.

Using the app, you can manually switch networks, top-up locally and can get a local number with- out switching SIM. All the while, your own number will still be routed to the mobile for anyone calling you. So smarts all round – but your phone must be unlocked. From $35 (€26) from, shipping February 2014

Eton BoostTurbine 4000 Charger
With its 4000m Ah lithium battery and high output USB port, a fully charged BoostTurbine Charger has enough juice to recharge a couple of smartphones or get your tablet well on its way. A minute's elbow grease gives about four minutes of calls, so you'll never have to worry about being completely off-grid in some far-flung corner. Self-winding for a full charge will be beyond the reach of anyone who has a life, but a few hours plugged in before you go will do the trick. €70 from

Nike LunarTerra
Arktos Boots These lightweight, waterproof boots feature plenty of state- of-the-art technology and look great. It has Nike's Lunarlon midsole, keeping it light and comfortable. Inside is a removable bootie, so you leave the muddy shell at the door. $190 (€141),