Bride On: How to get the most out of your ‘big day’

In the final instalment of our wedding diary we look beyond primping to the practicalities

Picture it. Your wedding checklist has been completely ticked off. You’re prepped, preened and plucked to perfection. Speeches have been scrutinised and bridesmaids have their duties off by heart. You’ve got this. Wedding is a go in three, two, one . . . .

But hold on. Have you prepared for the actual day of the wedding? And no, not the service, or the centrepieces or the first dance. Have you worked out how you and your betrothed want to spend, enjoy and remember the day? Ask any married couple and they’ll tell you that the day of your wedding passes in an absolute blur. A blissful blur perhaps, but a blur nonetheless. This is no doubt why videographers are in such high demand for weddings these days – capturing everything that you won’t remember in the haze of excitement.

So what are the most important things to bear in mind? I spoke to some married couples and gathered their best pieces of advice – so you’ll be completely prepared for everything on your special day.

First off do not, I repeat, do not forget to eat a good breakfast on the morning of your wedding. From excitement to nerves, many people overlook eating. But the day is long and what with the ceremony and the photographs it could be dinner time before you get to tuck in again. Fainting while walking up the aisle is not the look you want to go for.

Not everything is going to go as planned. Something always ends up going wrong. It could be something small, or it could be big. What’s important to remember is that it will. Don’t sweat it; that’s what the bridal party is for.

‘Alone time’

Carve out time for you and your new partner. From being kept apart before the ceremony, greeting all your friends and family, dancing and photographs with your guests, you would be surprised at how little you might actually get to see each other. Carve out some “alone time” after the ceremony and before the photographs to catch your breath and really soak up the experience with your new spouse.

Some 50 per cent of couples don’t consummate their marriage on the wedding night (according to a survey by lingerie brand Bluebella last year). So if the only fireworks you have that night are the ones in the sky, don’t stress about it. There will be plenty of time for sparks later.

Finally, remember why you’re there. You’re finished with all that dating malarkey – swiping left and right on dating apps until your thumb gets sore, dodgy dinners that you wanted to escape from, cheesy chat-up lines and unexplained ghosting from the person you thought you had a connection with. You’ve found your other half and you get to spend the rest of your lives together. This day is about pledging your love to one another and reflecting on the incredible journey that lies ahead of you.

Now wipe that tear away and enjoy your day.