How a holiday romance can follow you home


Social-media agony aunt Amanda Brownon the binary nature of unrequited love

Dear Cybersorter,

I had a holiday fling. I am single and I like it that way. When I went off to Ibiza with the lads I met someone who was fun to be with but not exactly my type.

Now she has tried to friend me on Facebook and, though I don’t follow her on Twitter, she follows me. She has started to send me public messages. The most recent one said “I hope you are OK?”

She often reacts to my Twitter updates as if she were in on a conversation with me. It’s like she’s having a relationship with me without my consent.

It makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty. I do like her but I don’t want a relationship with her. What’s the best course of action?


Dear BL

With social media, as with STDs, what goes on holiday no longer stays on holiday. It can follow you home.

Though your email acts tough, it’s clear your conscience is bothering you. What you saw as a holiday fling, she saw as a holiday romance, or possibly a true deep connection to another human being.

If you weren’t clear with her from the beginning about staying separate after you got on the plane home, you have behaved unfairly.

If you like her, you should follow her Twitter feed and send her a direct message. You should apologise for hurting her and explain you are not interested in anything further.

You should then block her for your own and her good. Be aware when you block someone on Twitter, unlike Facebook, they can still see your public profile page.

Dear Cybersorter

I have been seeing a man for about two months and he has updated his relationship status to “in a relationship with...” and added my name.

I like him and I’d like to see where this goes, but I’m just about to head off on my holidays and I was hoping to keep things light for a while longer.

I have left him in confirmation limbo for a week, but I can’t hold it off much longer.

Any suggestions?


Dear AF

He is pushing you down the marketing funnel. When a sales person wants to sell you something before you have decided whether you want it or not, they follow a rule.

The customer goes from awareness to consideration to purchase intent. The marketer’s job is to tip you towards purchase intent.

You are aware of him. You are considering him as a possible purchase, but he is slightly tugging you towards his cash register.

This comes down to two words; love and monogamy. If he has declared love and you have demurred, there’s no reason you should capitulate to pressure to announce your attachment to him in such a public manner.

Simply ignore it and enjoy your holiday. If he pressures you over it, you will probably want to run in the other direction. Feel free.

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