1What is the connection between Arctic/Antarctic exploration and the 1902 Arrol-Johnson car?

2Where is Ireland's longest cable-stayed road bridge?

3Which company supplies the engines which are used by the Caterham sports car?

4Nissan's Note has just been refreshed; which other model in the Nissan/Renault Alliance is related to it?

5What replaced carburettors in car engines?

6What was the first Audi car to feature quattro AWD?

7A new BMW Z4 has just been revealed; in what major way does it differ from previous BMW roadsters?

8A concept for the next Volvo S80 appears at this year's Detroit Show; when was the first version of the nameplate launched?

Answers below:

1. In 1907, explorer Ernest Shackleton took an Arrol-Johnson motor car to Antarctica in a publicity stunt to help fund his trip to the South Pole. 2. M1 motorway bridge over the Boyne. 3. Ford. 4. The Renault Modus/Grand Modus. 5. Fuel injection. 6. The Audi Quattro. 7. It is the first to have a folding hard-top roof. 8. 1998.