6 BMW M2 & 2 Series: light, zippy and agile with much emphasis on fun

If you want to know what fast and feral in the driving seat feels like...

Neil Briscoe gets to fulfill a motor enthusiast's dream by taking a BMW M2 around California's famous Laguna Seca Raceway. Video: Neil Briscoe


If anyone tries to tell you that they don’t make cars just for fun anymore, point them towards a BMW 2 Series. This is BMW taking a leaf out of Netflix’s Stranger Things playbook and going for a full-on Eighties revival. While the 1 Series hatch and 2 Series Active Tourer can take on the practical, upright roles, the 2 Series Coupe can just get on with being a modern reincarnation of the original E30 3 Series. Light, zippy, agile and fun with bodywork pulled down tight over its mechanical parts, the 2 Series Coupe is reasonably practical (real adults will fit in the back seats, and the boot’s not bad) but it’s really all about the meaty, weighty steering and chassis balance. Basic 218d is frugal and fun, rorty M240i is fabulous but the real kudos has to go to the amazing 375hp M2. If you want to know what fast and feral feels like, get an M2 on a track and let rip…

Price range: €33,390 to €77,520

C02 emissions: 108 to 199g/km

Which one? M2. A landmark high performance car.

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