18 Toyota Land Cruiser: Impeccable war zone credentials

This is the car you want to be in when things go really wrong

The Toyota Land Cruiser shows its mettle in the world’s danger zones

The Toyota Land Cruiser shows its mettle in the world’s danger zones


What more remains to be said about the Land Cruiser? No, it’s not pretty. It’s not sharp to drive in the manner of a Range Rover Sport. However, there’s simply no doubting the big Toyota’s impeccable credentials.

In the darkest and most dangerous corners of the planet it is this car that people turn to when looking to get out of trouble. From the good guys in the UN to African despots – and worse – the Land Cruiser is what you want to be in when the going gets so tough that lives are on the line. There can be no greater testament to this vehicle’s magnificence.

The current version has just had a new 2.8-litre diesel engine slotted in, although with 197g/km it’s hardly what you’d call cutting edge in emissions terms.

The only passenger versions on sale now are the five-seat long wheelbase Business and Platinum versions, which duck around commercial vehicle tax laws allowing you to buy them (but not tax them) as a van, saving a considerable sum in the process.

If apocalyptic scenarios start to play out, expect long queues at your local Toyota dealership for this car.

Price range: €57,495 to €69,995

CO2 emissions: 197g/km

Which one? Business is sufficient. Make sure you plan a trip to Iceland to properly exploit it

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