11 Porsche 911: A different drive

The handling is still sublime and quality and practicality still reign – but all else is changed

Having been a favourite of petrol heads for more than 50 years, the latest incarnation of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S has a lot to live up to. So how does it compare? We take it around Silverstone to find out. Video: Neil Briscoe


To call the Porsche 911 evergreen would be something of an insult. After all, evergreen trees never change, they merely grow and get bigger, with occasional brown bits falling off the ends. The 911 has changed utterly, fundamentally just in the past 12 months, never mind the past half century. Although the shape, the engine location and the intent have been the same, everything else is different. Not least the engines, for now the 911 has an almost entirely turbocharged range (save for the specialist R, GT3 and GT3 RS models). The new 3.0-litre turbo flat six lacks only slightly for noise but it has increased thrust and improved fuel consumption, and its lower-down torque makes the 911 an easier companion for a fast overtake. Handling is as sublime as it’s ever been, and is now more foolproof than ever, and quality and practicality are undimmed. Mighty 580hp Turbo S feels powerful enough to turn the universe inside out.

Price range: €129,713 to €254,030

Co2 emissions: 169 to 308g/km

Which one? The Turbo S can hit like a sledgehammer but the four-wheel drive Carrera 4S is the best all-rounder.