DNG land deal to sell Bolands Quay apartments

Major development due for completion in 2018

One hundred years ago today Eamon de Valera was getting ready to occupy Bolands Mills, one of the key rebel strongholds during the Easter Rising. Now the complex in the Dublin Docklands is on the verge of a major redevelopment due for completion in 2018 and made up of offices, restaurants, a community arts centre and some very upscale apartments.

Just 41 units will be developed on the site and already Douglas Newman Good has a list of potential buyers. The agency has just been appointed to sell the homes, 31 of which will be in a new 15-storey block close to the water's edge. However, the more sought-after units are likely to be in the original mill building on the water's edge. Ten apartments will be built in the cut stone building which bears the Bolands name on its facade. How much? Gemma Lanigan of DNG is not giving anything away on price at this stage. As far as the high-rise apartments go, existing units in the area are making €600,000-€700,000 but this is a very loose guide. DNG expect "a lot of interest" so it might be a matter of forming a queue to get on the list.